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Archiving hardcopy newspapers in a digital way. With date-wise news, news search, categorization, downloads, and heading-based categories, our archive is the comprehensive archive solution especially targeted toward newspaper houses and archive centers. 

Discover Bangladesh’s leading digital news archive, where history meets technology. At emediadesk, we’re not just preserving the news; we’re revolutionizing how you access it. Dive into a client-focused portal designed for precision and ease, offering a treasure trove of archived news tailored just for you.

Key Features

Our Services

Transform traditional newspaper clippings into a digital format that lasts forever. Navigate through historical and latest news with ease, thanks to our date-wise organization and advanced search capabilities. 

Cost Savings: We’re offering you to save the cost of your physical archive, where data loss is common, and the stored newspapers are often destroyed by pest infestations or fire incidents! You can get a 100% data guarantee, with only a minimal subscription fee. 

Digital Conversion: We convert national and local newspapers and magazines into digital formats, ensuring your access to news is unhindered by time or location.

Effortless Organization: Our archives are meticulously categorized by date, subject, and headlines, making it a breeze to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Customizable Access: Tailored to meet your specific interests, our platform allows you to customize your newsfeed based on various subjects, ensuring relevance and efficiency.

Advanced Search: Delve into our archives with a sophisticated search function that lets you filter by media type, date range, category, and even specific keywords within news titles.

Best Newspaper Archive in BD

As Bangladesh’s largest digital archive house, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive collection and sophisticated categorization. Our proprietary software seamlessly integrates major dailies and magazines into our SQL database. 

With personalized login credentials, our clients enjoy exclusive access to daily news clippings, categorized and customized to meet their unique needs.

Whether you’re researching, staying informed, or simply indulging in Bangladesh’s news history, our digital archive is your cost-effective, sustainable solution.

Why choose eMediaDesk?

360-degree monitoring

What if you automatically knew whenever your brand was mentioned on the TV or Radio? Well, you could take PR and Marketing decisions instantly! That’s exactly what we offer with our TV and Radio Monitoring Service.

24/7 support

Always available with a dedicated client manager, backup analysis, and social media assistance


Our services are very easy to access. We provide training to your employees if necessary along with a user-friendly mobile app and portal.

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